Operators and Press


What is APROTUR?

It stands for the Association of Tourism Piriapolis.

It is integrated by the Commercial and Industrial Center of Piriapolis, the Centre of Hotels and Restaurants of Piriapolis, the Piriapolis Real Estate Center, the Development and Tourism Association, the Municipality of Piriapolis, the Maldonado Departmental Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

APROTUR carries out various activities to promote tourism both nationally and internationally. Participates in international tourism fairs, organizes the festival Giant Paella, generates tourism promotional materials (print and digital), promotes the destination via the Internet and manages tourist information centers in the area, among others.

It also works locally in an effort to build awareness among the local people about living in a tourist destination (conferences, training sessions, project development with students, rescuing the memory of fate, etc.).

APROTUR work is developed within a regional framework, at a departmental level and at an extra departmental level.

Mission and Vision

APROTUR mission is "to develop and promote social, cultural and tourist activities, giving priority to the integration of the local people so that, on the basis of commitment and respect it is possible to generate a strong local and regional influence beyond the summer months and can be exploited in a rational and sustainable place."

APROTUR ́s vision is "To be the reference entity in the tourism department of Piriapolis becoming one of the most famous Latinamerican tourist destinations in the world."


  1. Plan, develop and implement plans, programs and strategies to promote the tourism image of Piriapolis tourism products directly related to it, as well as its area of influence.
  2. Promote, communicate and disseminate the tourist image of Piriapolis and its area of influence.
  3. Plan, organize, direct and coordinate the activities of information centers in Piriapolis and its area of influence, according to the framework available in each case.
  4. Content media advertising and authorized places.
  5. Conduct research of current and potential markets in terms of motivations, image, expectations satisfaction and quality of services received.
  6. Contents promotional events and all institutional activities to facilitate the marketing of tourism and economic impact directly related to the set of products of the tourist community.
  7. Perform the planning and formulation methods, monitoring, control and administrative support necessary for the implementation of the above activities, including measuring customer satisfaction on key tourism products and services in Piriapolis and its area of influence.

Board of directors

After the elections held on June 15, the new Board of the Association of Tourism Piriapolis taking office as of Saturday, June 29. Following the integration of the latter is summarized below:

Charge Main Substitute
President Federico Casella Alejandro Titakis
Vice president Luis Fraschini Luis Piñeiro
Secretary Verónica Arrionda Emiliano Silvera
Treasurer Matías Barrios Cristina Colmegna
Vocal Miguel Cerdá Gustavo Guillén
Vocal Luis González Marcelo Zabalo
Vocal Pablo Gasalla Paulo Alvez
Vocal Luis Martin Mario Rivas
Vocal Luis Borsari Francisco Alonso Pérez
Vocal Carlos Méndez Mario Invernizzi

Financial Commission

Also after the elections were appointed as members Jorge De Vivo, Fernando Ramos, Nicolás Pagola, Magdalena Invernizzi.