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  • Piriápolis Centre

    Nature-friendly destination

    Landscapes of beaches, hills and fields

    Piriápolis Centre
  • Pittamiglio's Castle

    Historical destination

    A unique place in the country

    An exceptional centennial history
    Part of the national heritage

    Pittamiglio's Castle
  • Acuatic sports at La Rinconada beach

    Cultural and sporting destination

    Art, traditions and recreation

    Acuatic sports at La Rinconada beach
  • Punta Colorada

    Sentimental destination

    Because our best memories originate during vacation

    Punta Colorada


Pittamiglio's castle

  • Place
At Las Flores, on Route 71, is the castle of Humberto Pittamiglio (November 23 , 1887-September 28, 1966). It has an unique architecture which includes towers, passageways and medieval style facade and a large garden.

It was built in 1956 and after his death was...
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Clúster de Turismo de Piriápolis

  • News
  • 21 november 2016
El Clúster de Turismo de Piriápolis es un programa de articulación productiva y competitividad de la Agencia Nacional de Desarrollo, realizado en conjunto con la Asociación de Promoción Turística de Piriápolis (APROTUR)...Leer más  View more

S.O.S. Marina Wildlife Rescue

  • Place
S.O.S. Marina Wildlife Rescue Center is a place for rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of marine fauna. Located in the Dolphin Bay of Punta Colorada, it can be visited freely on the weekends, coordinating previously calling the number (+598) 094-330795.
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Costa Serrana, toda la información para tu recorrido

  • News
  • 22 november 2016
Costa Serrana te permite recorrer un amplio territorio entre Maldonado y Lavalleja, alternando playas y sierras, probando artesanías y gastronomía locales, haciendo deportes o disfrutando un místico viaje, entre otras opciones.Para conseguir más información sobre paseos, servicios, mapas u...
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Venus Fountain

  • Place
Inaugurated in February 1911, the temple was designed by architect Beltrame and the statue of Venus was designed by Mathurin Moreau.

This main statue and the others surrounding park are of French cast (Val D ' Osne), purchased by urban furniture catalogs of the time. Such is the case of the...
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