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  • Piriápolis Centre

    Nature-friendly destination

    Landscapes of beaches, hills and fields

    Piriápolis Centre
  • Piria's Church

    Historical destination

    A unique place in the country

    An exceptional centennial history
    Part of the national heritage

    Piria's Church
  • Acuatic sports at La Rinconada beach

    Cultural and sporting destination

    Art, traditions and recreation

    Acuatic sports at La Rinconada beach
  • Playa Grande

    Sentimental destination

    Because our best memories originate during vacation

    Playa Grande


Cursos de Capacitación Costa Serrana

  • News
  • 24 september 2016
Dentro del marco del producto COSTA SERRANA se dictarán una serie de cursos de capacitación, principalmente orientados al turismo, durante los meses de setiembre y octubre de 2016.Los cursos son: .Gratuitos  y .Abiertos a todo público Lugar: .Ciudad de...
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Skate Park

  • Place
The Skate Park is located in Misiones street between the bus station and local fair. It was opened on December 5, 2013.

It required an investment of 5,672,969 
Uruguayan pesos, a building held by the Quartermaster of Maldonado and the Piriapolis Municipality with...
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San Antonio hill

  • Place
Originally called Cerro del Inglés (renamed by Piria to attract engaged couples), the San Antonio hill is located on the bay of Piriapolis with a height of 130 meters. Its top can be achieved by its route (built in 1952) as well as by chairlifts. 
To the east Punta Colorada, Punta...
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Paseo de la Pasiva

  • Place
Currently in this place the Artist Fair can be found. It currently has about a hundred posts of Uruguayan and Argentinian artisans who enroll every year to participate in it. The crafts offered are all original creations. Among the present crafts that stand out are accessories to complement...
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Plan Estratégico

  • News
  • 15 august 2016
Destino Piriápolis trabaja en la actualización de su Plan Estratégico de Desarrollo Turístico 2020. Reunión de trabajo con varios actores del destino, brindando sus opiniones para construir una propuesta colectiva.
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