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  • Jaguareté at the reservation of Pan de Azúcar

    Nature-friendly destination

    Landscapes of beaches, hills and fields

    Jaguareté at the reservation of Pan de Azúcar
  • Del Toro fountain

    Historical destination

    A unique place in the country

    An exceptional centennial history
    Part of the national heritage

    Del Toro fountain
  • Piriápolis port

    Cultural and sporting destination

    Art, traditions and recreation

    Piriápolis port
  • Punta Colorada

    Sentimental destination

    Because our best memories originate during vacation

    Punta Colorada


Paseo de la Pasiva

  • Place
Currently in this place the Artist Fair can be found. It currently has about a hundred posts of Uruguayan and Argentinian artisans who enroll every year to participate in it. The crafts offered are all original creations. Among the present crafts that stand out are accessories to complement...
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Virgen de los Pescadores

  • Place
La Virgen de los Pescadores or Stella Maris as it was also promoted, is located on the slopes of Cerro del Inglés (San Antonio Hill). It is accessed by a staircase that goes through the Cave of the Phoenix. It is one of the oldest rides in Piriapolis since 1902 and it was promoted by...
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Del Toro hill

  • Place
The Del Toro hill used to be a monitoring point of the Spanish army waiting for enemy ships. It has 240 meters high and is part of the Sierra de las Ánimas. It was not until 1911 when the Del Toro fountain became a tourist spot, even in December 1972 it was held the Latin American Music...
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Costa Serrana, toda la información para tu recorrido

  • News
  • 22 november 2016
Costa Serrana te permite recorrer un amplio territorio entre Maldonado y Lavalleja, alternando playas y sierras, probando artesanías y gastronomía locales, haciendo deportes o disfrutando un místico viaje, entre otras opciones.Para conseguir más información sobre paseos, servicios, mapas u...
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Paella Gigante de Piriápolis 2016

  • News
  • 22 november 2016
Se viene la Paella Gigante de Piriápolis 2016.El sábado 10 de diciembre, en la Rambla de Piriápolis, se viene una nueva edición de la Paella Gigante, evento solidario que año a año convoca miles de personas.Por consultas de venta de tikets comunicarse al 4432.5055, de miércoles a lunes, de...
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